What is Juniper Berry

Botanical Name: Juniperus communis

Common Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled

Plant Part Typically Used: Berries

Color: Clear

The Juniper tree belongs to the pine family and is commonly found on heaths and mountains in North America, Europe and Southwest Asia. It can be identified by its small yellow flowers, blue or black berries, also the stiff and needle-like blue-green leaves on a short reddish-brown trunk.

In the United States, the coniferous evergreen shrub grows abundantly in the mountainous regions of the Appalachians, as well as in western states such as Arizona, California, New Mexico and Utah. The tree can grow anywhere between six to 25 feet high. The leaves, which grow in whorls of three on the woody twigs, emit a lemon- or apple-like fragrance when crushed.

The Old Testament includes various references to the juniper tree including Psalms 120:4. This verse references burning a person with a false, deceitful tongue with the coals of the broom tree, which is an ancient name for a variety of juniper shrub that grows in Palestine. This passage can be looked at in several ways, one being that the juniper was used to cleanse, purify and eliminate that which is false and negative.

The berries as well as the branches of the leaves have been used since ancient times for medicinal and spiritual purposes. The evergreen tree is also popular as a residential ornament plant, often used in wildlife plantings and shelterbelts. The aromatic wood is also used for making furniture, fence posts and pencils.

Juniper essential oil is superior in quality. Its traditionally steam-distilled from the needles, twigs, wood and berries. However, juniper berry oil, which is extracted solely from the berries, It has a pale colour oil with a watery viscosity and a fresh, clear and slightly woody and fruity fragrance.

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1. Natural Antiseptic

You may be searching for a better household cleaner or a natural antiseptic for skin or respiratory infections. The solution could be juniper berry essential oil. This is due to its antimicrobial properties which help to kill bacteria and provide what could be a potent treatment for simple infections.

Studies have suggested that this oil might be effective against bacteria and fungi that are resistant to antibiotics. Juniper berry essential oil has a strong antifungal reaction against the bacteria that causes candida.

Juniper berry essential oil can be used to help prevent or reduce bacterial strains from spreading within your home. Use this oil on the kitchen and bathroom surfaces or appliances. When diffused indoors, it absorbs odours from your home while also purifying the air your family breathes. Also by placing several drops through your washing machine or dishwasher, and replace commercial cleaning products, as they can be full of multiple harsh chemicals. Mix with natural antibacterial juniper berry essential oil mixed with water.

2. Promotes Sweating

Juniper berry essential oil holds a strong sudorific substance. This is an element which can promote heavy sweating or perspiration. When you perspire it helps to remove bad toxins and excess salt and water from the body. This will make you feel lighter and healthier overall. 
By using only a few drops of the essential oil, adding it to you every day moisturiser and applying after washing your face, you can contribute to keeping your skin clean and healthy. 

Perspiration allows for the sweat and sebum glands to open, cleaning the pores of your skin. This can minimise the chance of skin diseases such as acne, a common skin condition. The essential oil also has many antiseptic and antibacterial abilities which can help treat infections to the skin, rashes and also eczema. 

3. Purifies your Bloods

The essential oil of juniper cleans the blood of toxins and therefore acts as a detoxifier or blood purifier. This property is also known as depurative, meaning ‘one which purifies’. It helps to remove the common toxins like uric acid, heavy metals, pollutants and certain compounds and hormones produced by the body itself. It empties the blood of these common toxins as well as other foreign toxins which get into the blood accidentally.

4. Fights Arthritis

Arthritis is caused when joints become inflamed, uric acid and improper circulation also contributes to the disease. Juniper berry essential oil holds great cleansing properties which can help calm down inflammation which causes pain, it also helps to remove toxins and uric acid whilst keeping the oxygenation consistent in all the important organs of the body. Juniper berry essential oil is also known for preventing other diseases such as gout, calculi and rheumatism.

5. Promotes Clear and Healthy Complexion

Juniper berry essential oil is regularly used in skincare. It acts as a natural skin toner and reduces the appearance of skin blemishes. The oil can also decrease stretch marks and help with skin conditions that occur because of hormonal imbalance.

When used for a Healthy Complexion: After washing face, apply one drop of juniper berry essential oil mixed with jojoba oil to your skin. This will create a refreshing glow to your face which you will absolutely love. Also add some to your shower gel or body wash to fight blemishes, fungus and foot odor.

When making Juniper Berry Moisturizer: Fill a 2 oz glass jar with whipped coconut oil and 6-12 drops of juniper berry to it (0.5-1% dilution). Simply add an essential oil moisturizer that is natural and excellent for your skin.

6. Helps Bloating

For those suffering from chronic gas conditions, juniper berry oil could be just the thing to help. The essential oil contains carminative agents which help to remove present gases from the intestines, whilst also preventing new gases to form. The oil is very versatile as you can use it aromatically, topically and internally. For example, it can be directly massaged onto the abdomen or it can be inhaled through a candle, diffuser or directly from the bottle.

Juniper berry oil also improves blood circulation as it holds properties which eliminate excess fluids from the body, in areas such as the bladder and urethra also preventing bladder infections. The berries are a natural diuretic which can reduce bloating overall.

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